the safest, fastest way to get someone out of Jail.

SimplyBail is the quickest, most secure, hassle free way to your
friend or loved one out of jail.

For Indemintors

Get someone out of jail fast.

Easily connect and work with expert agents to quickly complete the bail bond process, and get your friend or loved one out.

What are my Options?

Bail works by releasing a defendant in exchange for money that the court holds to ensure the defendant shows up for their hearing.


Pay 100% of the total

Refundable if defendant shows in court.

Pay a Percentage

A non-refundable fee to a licensed bail bond agent who provides a guarantee to the court.

Stay in Jail

Until the trial / proceedings conclude.

For Agents

Close More cases, easier and faster.

Close more cases by allowing your agents to simultaneously manage bonds and save time and money.

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