Bail Bonds in California

Simply Bail — the fastest way to get someone out of jail in California.

When you learn that someone you love is in jail and relying on you to arrange a bail bond in California, will you know what to do? Where will you turn? Simply Bail is here to guide you through the complexities of the California bail bonds system. You won’t have to go down to the jail or visit the bail bond agent. You can get your friend or family member released from jail entirely from the convenience of your electronic device.

The Golden State is home to 39.5 million people and has some of the most beautiful beaches, mountains, and deserts in the world. There are also approximately 2,300 licensed and bonded bail bond agents in California, and Simply Bail works with each one.

California Bail Bonds

If you have never worked with the California bail bonds system, it can be intimidating. Simply Bail empowers you to navigate the system easily so you can:

  • Find out which jail is housing your loved one
  • Learn when bail is set and for what amount
  • Connect with a licensed bail bonding company in California
  • Process your secure payment via debit or credit card
  • Post bail in California
  • Get them out of jail!
Next Steps to Post Bail in California

Just answer a few questions, and we’ll send you a dedicated link that will guide you every step of the way to get your loved one a bail bond in California and get them released from jail. You’ll communicate with the bail bonding company, complete all necessary paperwork, and process your secure payment through this link. You will get your loved one released from jail and home safe, all without leaving home.

Day or night, Simply Bail is ready to help — every day of the year! Have more questions? Learn more about how bail bonds work or how Simply Bail works for you. As soon as you’re ready to get started, we’ll help you get your loved one out of jail — fast!