New Orleans Bail Bonds

Simply Bail is the fastest, most secure way to get someone out of jail in New Orleans.

When you get that frantic call notifying you that someone you love is in jail, and they are relying on you to post bail in New Orleans, do you know what to do? Simply Bail has your back. We help you navigate the complex court system to bail someone out of prison in New Orleans. There is no need for you to go down to the New Orleans Municipal Court on Broad Street or the First City Court on Loyola Avenue. You’ll be able to post bail and bring them home entirely with your electronic device.

Bail Bonds in New Orleans, LA

We understand that it’s scary when someone you care for is in jail. Simply Bail answers your questions and guides you through the New Orleans bail bonds process so you can:

  • Learn which jail is holding your loved one
  • Find out when bail is set and for how much money
  • Connect with a trusted and licensed bail bondsman near you
  • Process your payment securely by credit or debit card
  • Post bail in New Orleans
  • Get them out of jail!

New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz and jambalaya, is located on the Mississippi River, and home to nearly 400,000 residents.

Next Steps to Post Bail in New Orleans

Your next step is to answer a few questions. In turn, we’ll send you a dedicated link through which you’ll receive all communications and updates regarding your loved one’s case as it winds its way through the New Orleans bail bonds process. Using this link, you’ll communicate with your chosen bail bondsman, complete all necessary paperwork, and post bail. You’ll never need to go to the jail or visit the bail bond office.

Simply Bail is here for you 24/7, every day of the year. Learn more about how bail bonds work or how Simply Bail works for you. Ready to get started? Together, we’ll get your loved one out of jail—fast.